Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tour Diaries - Kodaikanal

P.S (Prescript) : Yeah I know guys, my last doodle was posted way back in the pre-historic period of mankind & for all who those missed/didn't miss my "pot of thoughts", my customary "sorry" again for bunking away from the Blog-space.Now, before I start, I really hope my skills are still intact.:P

One year back, it was my dream to be an "Engineer", working for Nortel, seated in my cube, fumbling & blowing up the TCP/IP layered architecture. Now a year later, loads of changes have occurred; I no longer belong to a Networking corporate,dream of being an Engineer is now done & dusted & I  no more vouch for it :P Seemingly, like all experienced Engineers , I keep whining "work-sucks, that too big time..:P".This Wednesday evening, I realized just the same thing again. Pinged all my mates abt the idea of running away & before 3 or 4 message/mail exchange, we were all ready to flee from this Bengalooru stochasticity to a Kalm & Kool -- Kodaikanal.

Come Friday evening, it was time for the take off. We had a 7 seater Qualis booked for us which buzzed pass the Electronic city fly-over to Tamil Nadu. I must confess, Tamil Nadu has one of best Express-ways I have ever seen.Straight as an arrow,it was one heck of an uncoiled drive before we hit the curvy Ghats near Kodai which lasted for about a couple of hours & finally we were there.

Hired a beautiful looking villa at a high altitude which provided us the bonanza view of the town. We took just around 2 hrs to get fresh, broke our fast at a near by place & then we were off to the Kodai lake.The area by the lake was scenic & well conserved. We rented a bicycle for an hour & it was a fine joy lap around the lake. I must confess, I initially fought a little to poise with the cycle which didn't fit into my stature & after that hiccup, it was so soothing with a gentle drizzle falling in the background. This one hr pedal ride was followed by some shopping in the Tibetan shopping stalls by the lake. Soon, some of us decided to join cavalry & I settled for some Navy.:P Had a wonderful pedal-boat ride again around the lake & by the time we were done, it was time for some lunch. But journeying+work-on-Friday had started taking a toll on us by then & we were all fatigued.

Post lunch, in spite of weariness, we settled for a walk around the Bryant Park,a Botanical garden.The haze over the park & the chillness around was simply solacing but this frigidity forced us to get back to our villa & take a nap.After snoozing for a while, around 6 in the evening, we all decided to take a nightfall walk around the town. Shopped for a while & then our hunt for a good North Indian cuisine eatery began. After walking around for miles & quizzing Tamil guys with our broken Tulu mixed plagued Tamil & some gestural/nonverbal actions, we finally found a good place to glut on.Gosh, it was one heck of a dinner & we all ate like pigs as if we were all starving for ages.On our return, it was time for some cards & bluffing..:P  After planning for the following day, it was time to hit the sack. By the time I closed my eyes, I was all numb.The sopor I got that night was just blissfulness.

Come Sunday morning, we all geared up by 6.30 & raring to go. Jumped on to our cab & straight off to "pillar rocks". Apparently, this was the place where legendary movie "Amritavarshini's" final sequence was shot.The cuddling between clouds & the rocky mountain was just divine though the mist filled air crippled our visibility & made us skip many of the view spots around Kodai. Next stop was at the fabled Pine forests of the Nilgiris. After a photo session there followed by a decent breakfast @ Astoria, it was time for some chocolate shopping.

I must concede, Chocolates are one of the main reasons behind my expedition to Kodai.:P  Altogether, we bought choco-bars worth 3k & I myself purchased 500 bucks worth of dark chocolatte!!!
Our next destination was "Coaker's Walk". Supposedly, a fascinating rare phenomenon called "Brocken spectre" can be witnessed, when a person can see his own shadow on the clouds with a rainbow halo! But we were not lucky enough to witness even the sun-rays coming out of the clouds & mist. Our next stop came at "Fairy falls". Sadly, the falls had  no water in it to show off her glamor but near by, there was a place called "Fun world" which had just about enough to keep us interested. After being "Arjunas" & "Ekalavyas" for a while there during our Archery session, it was time for Abinav Bindras while trying our hands in shooting. Got a sniper to snipe at a spot but missed every time I tried my hand:(
"Dolphin Point" was our next terminus. The unreliable downhill walk of 2 km & also the rain made me & a couple of others to skip this walk & take a nap in the cab:P This was followed by another heavy lunch again at Astoria.After gulping all the food & we all decided to terminate our trip & say good-bye to Kodai.

Overall, the trip was great! The place, mist, rain ,games, joy rides added with some instinctual planning & above all, the most important ingredient - "company"  .With all the PJ's involved, all the nostalgic feelings, the laughs, the gags, chorus songs, debates we all definitely had a life time experience. Also we all knew, the next time if we are seen Kodai again, it will not be with friends, it will be with spouses..:P

Now,yet again weekends are all over. Monday arrives & work is calling! Adios..:)

Picasa link: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/bharatrao2305/KodaikanalTrip02?authkey=Gv1sRgCLO52rywnsSK6gE&feat=email#


quirkygirl said...

Welcome back ;)
Looks like taking off for the weekend did some good. Amazing pictures! I can understand the initial trepidation with the cycle. i found it too when i hopped onto one after a long time. And i loved the statement about the next Kodai trip! ;) Keep writing!

chai said...

Super dude :) But u forgot the main attraction by the lake :P

BHARAT said...


Yeah! The cycle part of the trip was real fun..The thrill involved, the balancing act! Amazing fun!:)

& regarding next Kodai trip, this time it was a dress rehearsal:P.. Well, not exactly..;)

BHARAT said...


Thanks lo:) Well regarding the attraction part, Ambi & Aneesh are better equipped to doodle on it, you know right, I am crippled ;)

Fabulist said...

Now isnt that a balance in (cyberspace)nature, when the gods return to do their duties..:P

Its definitely like a breathe of earthy smell during monsoons, as is ur presence..:)

Well, the blogging skills is still intact and green. :)

The Pictures were really beautiful.
47- forest brigand in the making.

43- which makes carrot eaters have constipated faces..:P

22- Icteric faces..:D hope its not editied..

13- is so hilarious with the "use me" bin being so suggestive..LOL

1- is the BEST OF THEM ALL.. like a telugu movie star..lol

Keep writing !!

BHARAT said...


Whoever you are, "train antu sakkat aagi hattsteera":P Just kidding, loved your comment as always:)
Every time I read your annotate, I end up being the world's "fattiest" Blogger each time;)

"1- is the BEST OF THEM ALL.. like a telugu movie star..lol" --- After reading this, I've started having the similar feeling looking at myself in the snap:P LOL, too good comment..;)