Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tour Diaries - Kodaikanal

P.S (Prescript) : Yeah I know guys, my last doodle was posted way back in the pre-historic period of mankind & for all who those missed/didn't miss my "pot of thoughts", my customary "sorry" again for bunking away from the Blog-space.Now, before I start, I really hope my skills are still intact.:P

One year back, it was my dream to be an "Engineer", working for Nortel, seated in my cube, fumbling & blowing up the TCP/IP layered architecture. Now a year later, loads of changes have occurred; I no longer belong to a Networking corporate,dream of being an Engineer is now done & dusted & I  no more vouch for it :P Seemingly, like all experienced Engineers , I keep whining "work-sucks, that too big time..:P".This Wednesday evening, I realized just the same thing again. Pinged all my mates abt the idea of running away & before 3 or 4 message/mail exchange, we were all ready to flee from this Bengalooru stochasticity to a Kalm & Kool -- Kodaikanal.

Come Friday evening, it was time for the take off. We had a 7 seater Qualis booked for us which buzzed pass the Electronic city fly-over to Tamil Nadu. I must confess, Tamil Nadu has one of best Express-ways I have ever seen.Straight as an arrow,it was one heck of an uncoiled drive before we hit the curvy Ghats near Kodai which lasted for about a couple of hours & finally we were there.

Hired a beautiful looking villa at a high altitude which provided us the bonanza view of the town. We took just around 2 hrs to get fresh, broke our fast at a near by place & then we were off to the Kodai lake.The area by the lake was scenic & well conserved. We rented a bicycle for an hour & it was a fine joy lap around the lake. I must confess, I initially fought a little to poise with the cycle which didn't fit into my stature & after that hiccup, it was so soothing with a gentle drizzle falling in the background. This one hr pedal ride was followed by some shopping in the Tibetan shopping stalls by the lake. Soon, some of us decided to join cavalry & I settled for some Navy.:P Had a wonderful pedal-boat ride again around the lake & by the time we were done, it was time for some lunch. But journeying+work-on-Friday had started taking a toll on us by then & we were all fatigued.

Post lunch, in spite of weariness, we settled for a walk around the Bryant Park,a Botanical garden.The haze over the park & the chillness around was simply solacing but this frigidity forced us to get back to our villa & take a nap.After snoozing for a while, around 6 in the evening, we all decided to take a nightfall walk around the town. Shopped for a while & then our hunt for a good North Indian cuisine eatery began. After walking around for miles & quizzing Tamil guys with our broken Tulu mixed plagued Tamil & some gestural/nonverbal actions, we finally found a good place to glut on.Gosh, it was one heck of a dinner & we all ate like pigs as if we were all starving for ages.On our return, it was time for some cards & bluffing..:P  After planning for the following day, it was time to hit the sack. By the time I closed my eyes, I was all numb.The sopor I got that night was just blissfulness.

Come Sunday morning, we all geared up by 6.30 & raring to go. Jumped on to our cab & straight off to "pillar rocks". Apparently, this was the place where legendary movie "Amritavarshini's" final sequence was shot.The cuddling between clouds & the rocky mountain was just divine though the mist filled air crippled our visibility & made us skip many of the view spots around Kodai. Next stop was at the fabled Pine forests of the Nilgiris. After a photo session there followed by a decent breakfast @ Astoria, it was time for some chocolate shopping.

I must concede, Chocolates are one of the main reasons behind my expedition to Kodai.:P  Altogether, we bought choco-bars worth 3k & I myself purchased 500 bucks worth of dark chocolatte!!!
Our next destination was "Coaker's Walk". Supposedly, a fascinating rare phenomenon called "Brocken spectre" can be witnessed, when a person can see his own shadow on the clouds with a rainbow halo! But we were not lucky enough to witness even the sun-rays coming out of the clouds & mist. Our next stop came at "Fairy falls". Sadly, the falls had  no water in it to show off her glamor but near by, there was a place called "Fun world" which had just about enough to keep us interested. After being "Arjunas" & "Ekalavyas" for a while there during our Archery session, it was time for Abinav Bindras while trying our hands in shooting. Got a sniper to snipe at a spot but missed every time I tried my hand:(
"Dolphin Point" was our next terminus. The unreliable downhill walk of 2 km & also the rain made me & a couple of others to skip this walk & take a nap in the cab:P This was followed by another heavy lunch again at Astoria.After gulping all the food & we all decided to terminate our trip & say good-bye to Kodai.

Overall, the trip was great! The place, mist, rain ,games, joy rides added with some instinctual planning & above all, the most important ingredient - "company"  .With all the PJ's involved, all the nostalgic feelings, the laughs, the gags, chorus songs, debates we all definitely had a life time experience. Also we all knew, the next time if we are seen Kodai again, it will not be with friends, it will be with spouses..:P

Now,yet again weekends are all over. Monday arrives & work is calling! Adios..:)

Picasa link: http://picasaweb.google.co.in/bharatrao2305/KodaikanalTrip02?authkey=Gv1sRgCLO52rywnsSK6gE&feat=email#

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have seen him bat when I was nursing my plastic bat. Ironically my erstwhile bat is gone & I have a  laptop instead,  but I still see him bat. I have transmuted from being a li'l kid to adulthood but that "God" is still the same replica of his own. And never a day I have come across where I have achieved "boredom" watching him play .

Today, the God's own "avatar" farms yet another piece of  "master class" at Gwalior. Kudos to Sachin for cracking a double ton.

As somebody tweeted "Commit all ur crimes when Sachin is batting,they'll go unnoticed coz even God is busy watching him play ".

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mile "Be-sur" Mera Tumhara...

When the Iconic "VW Beetles" was about to be re-launched recently,the hype created around it was enormous and VW were expected to surpass the nimbus of the vintage classic Beetles. But collapsing all the expectations, Beetles failed to stand up to its older cousin.
Same way, when RGV tried to bring back the glory of "Sholay", the bankruptcy he faced was unprecedented.

Now,why am I throwing these instances? Infact my pot was getting voided all these days without my thought feeds.So thought, why not get back with a thought on an anthem meant for national integration and its atrocious remake. Let me get in now. Here is a one-liner..
"Classics are never meant to be re-made. Leave it the way it is".

When ZOOM & TOI(page-3 cousins)were gurgling about the re-make of the iconic "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" for past some days, I was very much skeptical around the hype, similar to their disastrous "Aman ki Ashes" campaign too. And as expected, TOI/Zoom turned out to be the "Balaatkaari purush". The new version seems to be raped and molested completely.

I still remember the song that had become as iconic as the National anthem in my kid-days.Aired on Doordarshan every Sunday morning during its golden era, iconic "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was charming and simple .I had learnt the complete song by heard including each phrase of its entire 14 lingual lyrics. I used to even tell exactly which scene came with which “sur”.

And on Jan 26th, came the calamity. Felt like I had more gray hairs grown after I ceased watching the 16 minute long video.Now, what are the ingredients which has led to this havoc?

1. Almost all Bollywood stars - Feel sorry for the stars who couldn't make it to the list(Saifeena + Hrithik etc..) and to add, they can join Pakistani players in their campaign against "The Great snub".

2. Tolly+Kollywood stars without lip-sync - Sandalwood too snubbed!!:P (Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, where are you??? Time for some mayhem in "Namma Bengalooru":P )

3.Musicians- Rahman on his terrace,Sh-Eh-Loy in some desert, Sivamani in some jungle scaring the wild life, Air India's Amjad Ali Khan Khandan,Yesudas family, Bhupen Hazarika et al.

4. Shobana's jugalbandi with Shiamak- Had Shobana had li'l care for Indian classical dance, she wouldn't have performed an item number with Shiamak.

Now what arrested my vision?

- No big names in sports/science/business/Politics(!!). Reason - pricey to afford? Unavailable? or ignored?

- No big star shared the screen space. Come on, this aint any National integration. At least somebody had to perform together and share some space so that the duration could have been minimized.

- India is not after all about Bollywood/Movies. No sincere efforts were made to showcase our tradition/culture. It seemed, only the designer wear did the talking.

I feel, Doordharshan could do a revival of national integration theme by airing the classic song again and who knows, it could pull off some TRP's back in DD's favor.  ha ha :P:P .

Now on an end note -

In our Engineering days, we had a contest for some fests named "Be-surdas" and as per the name ,we were literally invincible over there(:P).
Now if the older version of "Mile Sur.." was close to Surdas' "Sur", the molested version seems to topple us from the podium too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harsha tales...

Just a day where I am still not able to hit the hay for some reason and the fourth dimension ticks half past 12, midnight!! Feel I have to pen down something in my blog to end the day.Let me doodle something on Cricket. The topic which I have kissed the least in my blog.

I have always loved cricket and have very less clue on the origin of my love affairs with Cricket.To be frank, I was never a good player of cricket domestically(ironically true though looking at my elevation or rather height(to reduce the controversy) many keep getting deceived:P) and genuinely feel it has to be the live-TV that made me acquainted to it.Sachin is still the most potent God in my Cricket love-life and if I have to show off any other substitute to Sachin, it has to be Harsha Bhogle himself!:)

I was amid those who were particularly let down to see the presentations during the World Cups and IPL1.With nescients like Mandira Bedi and co. babbling about Cricket,I chose to join the matches directly rather than pursuing the pre-match psychoanalysis and also the post match autopsy.The haleness of watching a Cricket match is to watch the whole package.And with Harsha doing it,you can be rest assured that you will get nothing less than the "best".

Google recites me that he first came into the placard of Cricket devotees when he first commentated in the Benson & Hedges World cup,back in 1992.Later there was no glancing back.Be it a series "Down Under" or at "the Lords", this "Hydrabadi" has always treated us with his scrumptious "Biriyaani" every time he has held the microphone in the commentary box. At times even the likes of the great Gavaskar and Boycs too stand mute confronting the persona of Harsha and realize what artistry the man possesses when you listen to the psyches like Arun Lal and Ranjit Fernando doing Cricket commentary. Off the field too,ESPN School Quiz shows magnetized me and also helped me in finding my own Quizzing abilities.ESPN also aired a show named "Harsha ki Khoj"for the wannabees like me attesting the sheer versatility of the person but I am sure they were not able to find one to replace.

Let me provide you with some of the transcripts testifying the Einstein in this IIMA graduate.

> "Oh what a shame.It was reminiscent of a soldier who survived the war when the bullets were flying by his nose and then got run over by a bicycle in his native town"

> "Nasser Hussain is trying desperately hard to find innovative ways of getting himself out"

> "Had that stand not been there they would have had to bring a bus to go and fetch the Ball"

> "If you take out the character out of Sreesanth, he is quite a good bowler!!!"

> "The last time Rudi Kuerzten smiled, there was a peace in West Asia"

Now let me get philosophical..What is my idea of a perfect day?

India against Aussies on a weekend, Sachin facing Warnie, on a lush green SCG, over a cup of chocolate drink(not coffee or chai:P) and Harsha Bhogle in sync with the legendary Boycott...Wow, Priceless :) God,can I ever get back to those days again???

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Nobel" President...

3 out of 16 (mile)stones that I have invested on to fill my "pot of thoughts" are on Obama himself and that is rather on the higher side .To be frank I am very curious to dig around and spew my saliva out to know "why am I so obsessed about Obama?" and I am sure this same query is haunting in everybody's genius.I infer, its just that mass appeal and the charisma he gestates on all of us.He is a true living illustration for "Love him or hate him but you can never,ever ignore him" and that is what happened with the"Nobel(noble) fiasco" today.

The Nobel Prize Foundation,Oslo today literally stupefied and flabbergasted us all by "NOBLY" gifting Barak Obama with a "NOBEL" peace prize. A "President" who is yet to accomplish his annum at White house getting an award of this aura makes even a nescient of the contemporary world to raise his super-cilia in surprise.

Let us appraise Obama for these 4 quarters in bits.

1. World is not yet mended out of recession and is still ceding back.So the "extra-ordinary" promise made in Capitol Hills on Jan 20th seems like just another "ordinary" Indian-neta's kind of surety. Even if he claims to have brought economy under recovery, its courtesy: strong Asian markets and to some extent Euro markets but definitely not US Inc.

2.The US marines in Iraq are still stagnant there with goose eggs in hands.Had he in case retreated the marines from Iraq and Afghan, may be that would have nominated him for the award.So even here the conception of nomination goes wrong.

3.Iran and North Korea's atomic enrichment theme is still under scrutiny and even here, Obama administration has flunked critically to make peace with these two nations uptil now.

Then what fetched him the nimbus of " Nobel"?

As I previously said, its just the halo around the name that did the job. Its "The Obama-phenomenon" that won him the fete and not for "Obama" as a person.I feel sad and concerned to see such a prestigious award being victimized by a homo's charisma.
Finally at terminus, I bid atleast this fete should incite him to act towards world peace and prosperity .Let the gloriole of the person help world to be a better place to cherish and invest on.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mending back...

My bio these days seems quite monotonous & prosaic. Finding some good time to doodle back in the cyberspace after a while takes some kilos of magnet to get you pasted to the keys.With my customary "For all those who missed(!) & didn't miss my " pot of thoughts" " I am genuinely glad to inform you that I have eventually found a "KAILASA" to perform my "KAYAKA". The whines, the creaks and all my screeches finally crippled down last August when LSI Logic Inc. came forward to bid me an employment though still I miss my much hyped first job NORTEL very much and seems like I may take ages to get out of the bruises.

So for past 3 fortnights now, I have been busy dealing with the outlooks of my team & extraditing (heavy word;)) them with what they are destined to get from me.I have also leased a den for my hideout @ BTM Layout to sustain.So to all those out there, if you are passing across BTM anytime, just recall and give a call,I will be at your service. You are always cordially invited:)

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor's austerity drive tweets gave Twitter a great piece of marketing and made tweeting a phenomena among the juvenile.

Thusly you can follow my tweets at : http://twitter.com/bharatrao2305

So c ya soon. I'll try to come up with something classy in the numbering days, till then "sayonara":)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Broken pot..

For all those who missed(!) & didn't miss my " pot of thoughts", Yes, I am back but as a depleted "me" and not the strong "me". A lot of things marched along & befell when I made myself absconding from the BLOG-world.

My exams went pretty well and I scored well too courtesy "X-MAN", who was able to hold my nerves in tandem in one of the worst crisis I have ever had in my lifespan. My employer "Nortel" went bankrupt and I got the "letter of rescind" on the eve of my exams imparting me into tenterhooks literally.Meanwhile, I also completed my Engineering on 22nd of June but was too numb to celebrate or mourn the end of my student life. I feel as if somebody has abducted something very pricey from me which I had garnered and earned on my own.Of late, yours truly is busy doing all varieties of linear search,binary search,hashing search for a decent job.I still have Accenture as a job option but my soul isn't groomed to take up that job. Feel I deserve something better in R&D than at consultancy.

So to terminate, I complement all my acquaintances with good luck and wish to say one thing "I am a victim of recession, its bad.Don't dare to be here, it hurts alot, Adios" :-)

P.S: I pelted my (painstaking) chronicles at you, tossed off your valuable time and also filled the cyberspace with unneeded tales. Thanks for bearing with me, I needed a media to flip my emotions and spirits out,I am sensitive.